Teutonenstraße 2-10
46395 Bocholt, Deutschland
Postfach 1964
Fon+49 2871 283-0
Fax+49 2871 283-189
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Frank Gehrs
Head of Service
Marco Radstaak
Deputy Head of Service
Jürgen Scholten
Service Manager | Polytype Converting®
Bruno Hayoz
Head of Technical Service, Start-Up & Service | Polytype Converting®
Josef Döing
Director Sales
Thomas Beck
Sales Manager Decorative Film Industry
Johannes Kamp
Sales Manager Flooring Industry
Jens Krebber
Director International Business Development and Marketing
Thomas Hülsmann
Sales Manager Flooring Industry
Thomas Platz
Sales Manager Technical Textiles Industry
Klaus Ruland
Sales Manager Wallcovering Industry
Thomas Klein-Schmeink
Sales Manager Film and Foil Industry
Stefan Essing
Sales Manager Converting | Polytype Converting®
Markus Schlütter
Sales Manager Packaging Industry | Polytype Converting®
Norbert Runn
Sales Manager Paper Converting Industry | Polytype Converting®
Fabian Umbach
Sales & Business Development Manager | Polytype Converting®
Bill Smith
Director Operations North America | Polytype Converting®
Heinz Koch
Head of Purchasing
Christian Tekaath
Technical Purchasing
Dirk Robeling
Development and Process Technology - Teamleader Development and Process Technology
Dr. Andre Josten
Development and Process Technology
Matthias Hollstegge
Development & Process Technology
Frederic Wenning
Development & Process Technology
Helena Schwers
Head of Marketing
Angela Rinke
Portrait Holger Wüstnienhaus
Holger Wüstnienhaus
Head of Human Resource Management
Portrait Daniela ter Haar
Daniela ter Haar
Deputy Head of Human Resource Management
Sabine Winck
Human Resource Management
Stefanie Brzinzky
Human Resource Management
Annette Wilms
Human Resource Management - Education


On all continents you can produce with our reliable machines and plants. Our network of service and sales partners is there for you.

Hello, my name is Josef Döing. I will help you!