COVEME s.p.a. orders new line for polyester films from Polytype Converting®

COVEME has over 60 years of experience in processing and finishing polyester films and is one of the leading manufacturers for a wide variety of film applications for technically advanced everyday products, such as technical films for the label industry, treated and heat-stabilised polyester films for printed electronics, release films for screen and digital printing and printable films for industrial printing techniques.

To expand production at the site in Italy, we received an order for the construction, delivery and start-up of a 1,700 mm wide double-sided PET film coating line.
The line includes two coating stations in trolley design, both with a Mayerbar coating cassette plus one PGS® coating cassette each: it is designed for single-sided as well as double-sided coating, with functional coating on the PET film in each case.

Drying is performed in a 20 m Speed- Star® Vacutex dryer, each with 4 gas-heated temperature control zones with external heating and air circulation system. Automatic turret winders, equipped with two swivelling winding stations each for automatic roll change, allow the lines to operate continuously at full production speed. The maximum construction speed is 120 m/min. and the film is 850 - 1,700 mm wide.

About Polytype Converting®:
Polytype Converting® is the well-known leading brand of production machinery and equipment for web products, such as release material and labels, packaging films, energy/electronics applications and for paper finishing. Polytype Converting® is a brand of OLBRICH GmbH and thus benefits from the global manufacturing and service & support network.

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