OLBRICH implements new filter system in existing production plant

Focus on the climate and the CO2-Footprint - a flooring manufacturer in the Netherlands ordered a new exhaust air filtration system from OLBRICH. This is already the eighth line that OLBRICH delivers based on the successful cooperation with EFC nv in Lummen, Belgium.

The Partners offer their  customers the replacement of  existing incinerators by   high-efficiency filter systems. EFC nv has been known for its state-of-the-art air filtration technologies for more than 30 years and OLBRICH used to manufacture thermal exhaust air treatment systems by itself in the past.
Today, by using the new filter system, the pollutants in the exhaust air are not burned as before, but condensed, collected and even fed back into the production process. In this way, the exhaust gases are gently cleaned and the process air is optimally freed from pollutants. The carbon footprint and CO2 emmissions are largely reduced. 

Johannes Kamp, Sales Manager Flooring Industry, explains: "Until today, numerous customers have already taken advantage of our offer. We consult our customers in respect to the total, individual energy concept in the entire plant and can freely recommend a tailored solution.  Our customers appreciate the focus on sustainability and save cost and protect resources at the same time."

With OLBRICH you can rely on state-of-the-art technology and decades of experience from hundreds of reference plants in the floor covering industry worldwide. Therefore, you can always rely on the high reliability, efficiency and flexibility of your machines.
In close cooperation with you, our machinery experts implement systems for each of your process steps: from multi-layer product construction through surface finishing to the winding or packing of ready-to-sell floor covering rolls or tiles. Thanks to our expert process engineering advice, you know right from the start what is important for your new systems.

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