OLBRICH starts the new training year with nine trainees

For nine youths, a new phase in their lives began on August 1, 2020 - their training at OLBRICH GmbH. We are pleased to accompany our new trainees on this exciting course.

Mrs Böger and Mr Moddenborg are learning the profession of industrial clerk. Mr Wilken and Mr Chung start their apprenticeship as industrial mechanics and Mr Dings as cutting machine operator. Mr Testroet and Mr Borkers start their apprenticeship as electronic technicians for industrial engineering. Mr Unland and Mr Eling start their four-year dual study to become Bachelor of Engineering, specializing in mechanical engineering.

We wish them all a pleasant start to their professional lives and much success in their training in our company.

Photo: our new trainees since August 01, 2020. From left to right: Kevin Chung, Sören Borkers, Luca Wilken, Christian Testroet, Luis Moddenborg, Tim Eling, Maximilian Dings, Julian Unland, Giulia Böger

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