OLBRICH and the Corona Virus

Most parts of the world are impacted by the growing Corona crisis. We prepare ourselves in an effort to protect our employees’ health as much as possible whilst we aim to keep business activities alive at the same time.

Home office utilization will be applicable to most office workers in our group of companies, since the VPN access capacity was increased from 80 to 580 sessions during last weekend. The broadband widths have been doubled, too and further upgrades are possible.
Visits to our sites are restricted in order to protect our co-workers in the factories. Internal traffic and personal meetings are no longer appropriate.

The recent rollout of Microsoft Teams for virtual meetings and Yammer, as an internal social media tool, are most valuable tools to support active communication these days. Your established OLBRICH contacts will thus remain at your disposal.

We are looking forward to continue working with you.

Please stay in good health and remain safe. We can handle also this challenge – jointly!

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